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Translating Enamiĝo Reciprokataj from Esperanto

As a musician, composer, and amateur practitioner - promoter of Esperanto, I’ve been meaning to explain the title of my debut piano album for a long time. When I released my debut piano trio album, Enamiĝo Reciprokataj on Origin Records on February 15th 2019, I received (luckily) press reviews confusing the title, which is in Esperanto, and letters from intrigued Esperantists. As my label anticipated, there has been a lot of discourse amongst writers and Esperantists about the title translation, the choice of my spelling (which technically bends rules of Esperanto). Esperanto is an artificial language written by a Polish philologist published in 1887, containing sixteen rules, with an estimated population of a quarter of a million speakers, including artists, filmmakers and musicians. The language gives a lot of inspiration to creators, translators, students, and speakers. My album title was artistically chosen usage with a lot of intention, creativity, and thought regarding the process of composing the music and the music itself. In fact, the new Esperanto web series “Malsano Nomata Amo” (A Disease Called Love) debuted the same week as my album.

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