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FEBRUARY 15, 2019



album featuring the single:

“Flowery Distress”

Brittany Anjou (piano/composition), Ben Perowsky (drums) & Ari Folman-Cohen (bass)

sneak preview on Soundcloud:

Hers is a jazz about jazz, a music about music.
— Charles Mudede, The Stranger - Seattle
Brittany at home in her practice space in the Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY. Photo credit Jeff Chase.

Brittany at home in her practice space in the Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY. Photo credit Jeff Chase.



Brittany Anjou is an American composer, vocalist, and piano focused multi-instrumentalist based in New York City. Exploring everything from Ahmad Jamal to Bikini Kill in her repertoire, this creative, versatile, and virtuoso performer hails from Seattle. Starting from the age of twelve Brittany has performed in award winning jazz ensembles throughout the U.S.A. and Europe. She has had the opportunity to perform with people such as Wynton Marsalis, Ernestine Anderson, Clark Terry, and Elysian Fields. As a young woman she continued jazz and philosophy studies at New York University under the mentorship of Stefon Harris. Since, Anjou has directed and composed for many of her own instrumental ensembles, including the Brittany Anjou Trio, the LARCENY Chamber Orchestra, Bi TYRANT, Ghanaian Gyil Gala with Alfred Kpebsaane, and BEWAA, a series of ensembles incorporating Ghanaian xylophone. Recently she was a key support musician in the revival of 1960s all-girl outsider music band, The Shaggs, and supported Dot Wiggin in the studio and live while recording her 2013 solo album. Brittany performs actively with many artists and musicians throughout New York City and has toured throughout the US, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Anjou is currently working on releasing three albums: a 1960's style jazz piano trio album of originals entitled Enamiĝo Reciprokataj (Esperanto for "Reciprocal Love"), an avant-gyil album titled Nong Voru (“Fake Love” in Dagara) with Ghanaian master xylophonist Alfred Kpebsaane, and original music for a series of poems by Kuwaiti women entitled Astamaea (Arabic for "Listen").  Currently in residence at the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Center opera house in Kuwait, she works as a freelance composer, session musician, educator, headliner, and support performer.



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