News: Enamiĝo Reciprokataj receives the Editor’s pick award of Jazz Times Magazine May 2019 issue!

Praise for Brittany Anjou & Enamiĝo Reciprokataj

“She’s happy to lay waste to the instrument when that’s what’s called for: “Reciprokataj IV: Olive You” begins with a display of power that would mark the summit of most players’ performances.”

Down Beat Magazine

“Enamiĝo Reciprokataj is the work of a daring 35 year-old visionary. Anjou is a channel, a portal, extending joy and exhilaration for anyone with ears to hear. Melodies flow through her like the wind. We have much to learn from her.”

Jazz Times

“Anjou's personality, strong and mercurial as it is, continues to serve as the dominant force. Her gifts as a bricolage artist and original thinker remain in the foreground regardless of who's on board to help her flesh things out. While we've barely opened the door to 2019, we already have a serious contender for the year's strongest debut here.”

All About Jazz

“Anjou’s composition are read as a series of points of view on the art of the trio. With its minimalist rehearsals, it is an anthology of songs both dreamlike and alert, where free-jazz meets Rachmaninoff and electronics.”

France Musique

“There's a sensibility about Anjou's work that reflects how jazz can meet a more structured classical approach and emerge with something very different indeed.”

NYC Jazz Record

“Anjou is a virtuosa with a determined touch and nimble liveliness. This accomplished body of work, which took 13 years to be completed, is sufficiently gratifying to make us wonder what her next plans are.”

Jazz Trail

“Here's a rewarding and exciting trio album by pianist/composer Brittany Anjou. Each movement is crammed with juicy flavors and deliciously sweet nuances, mixing sophisticated modern sounds with exciting grooves. Check this one out!”

Jazz Weekly

“Anjou’s piano style, filled with chords, is energetic and melodic, cheerful, and a tad witty. Flavors of Red Garland's chording, Oscar Peterson's speedy touch, and the hard percussion of McCoy Tyner blended with the contemporary avant-garde spark her performance. This album, so highly sophisticated with an original jazz perspective, is a roaring introduction that demands attention.”


“This tyro that's sought out and studied with dyed in the wool pros shows that you don't need to microdose acid to expand your mind. Almost like taking the history of piano trio, putting it in a Yatzee cup and shaking it up to see where the future might lie, this amazing kaleidoscope of sounds just dazzles. This set is a good reason not to fear the unknown when you are in the right hands.”

Midwest Jazz Record

“A fearless individual with strong convictions and a passionate need to communicate .”

Musically Speaking

“Anjou’s is a music about music, a jazz about jazz.”

The Stranger / Seattle

"On a planet full of original musicians, Brittany stands out."

Take Five / Canada

"The eclectic Brittany Anjou, a very gifted pianist with a classical imprint, whose compositions for the percussive use of the instrument recall some of McCoy Tyner's and the Blue Note school of the sixties."

Magazini Inexistenti / Italy

"A technical mastery that harmonizes the tragic carnival in the sound and music by Brittany Anjou."

Al Akhbar / Lebanese Daily

Interview with Hot House Jazz Magazine

Enamigo Reciprokataj
By Brittany Anjou