“Hers is a music about music, a jazz about jazz.” – Charles Mudede, The Stranger, Seattle


"On a planet full of original musicians, Brittany stands out." - Patrick Boyle, Take Five, University of Victoria, Canada


"The eclectic Brittany Anjou, a very gifted pianist with a classical imprint, whose compositions for the percussive use of the instrument recall some of McCoy Tyner's and the Blue Note school of the sixties. Accompanied by the drummer Shirazette Tinnin, and Umberto Lepore on the double bass, Brittany proposes a convincing live set." - Pietro Previti, Magazini Inexistenti, Italy


"A technical mastery that harmonizes the tragic carnival in the sound and music by Brittany Anjou." - Pierre Abi Saab, Al Akhbar / Lebanese Daily


"A series of six monologues for six characters played by two women. One speaks in Syrian Arabic, the other in English. They are violent, poetic, condensed words. And onstage to accompany this verb, a piano with the composer Brittany Anjou." - Edgar Davidian, L'Orient Le Jour, France