TAKE 5 with Brittany Anjou: Interview by Patrick Boyle

Here is a fun interview I did this month about The Shaggs, the Dot Wiggin Band, and the process of making my piano suite and album, Enamiĝo Reciprokataj. Thanks to Patrick Boyle for interviewing me on Take Five! I am reposting his questions and my answers here from Take Five. Click here to read this interview from Patrick’s source page:


<3 - brittany

Take Five, Patrick Boyle:

My love of The Shaggs is no secret. Their music intoxicating and pure. My journey towards them led to Brittany Anjou. Out of the blue, I contacted her about her work with Dot Wiggin and she graciously agreed to answer these questions in detail.  Brittany wrote to me from the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center Music Academy located in the Kuwait Opera House where she is currently in residence. On a planet full of original musicians, Brittany stands out. I am deeply moved that she has taken them time to answer questions about The Shaggs and her own music. Read on to become endlessly fascinated.

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Watching the 2018 US Midterm Elections Abroad

I leave my hotel and walk to work. No one around me here is much concerned with the news. It blares in the hotel lobby and breakfast area, sometimes with overdubbed Arabic, sometimes with the same anxiety provoking lights and talking heads and ugly orange face. No one pays any mind, no one seems to be interested or alerted by it. Certainly no reactions are displayed from orange face. Which oddly enough, the nonchalance reminds me of the TV presence in my grandmother's midwestern living room - a certain kind of free and undisturbed boredom. 

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